Who is a Real Anarchist? Anarchy Roundtable, Ep 8



  • Who is a real anarchist?
  • Problems with ending the state when it keeps coming back.
  • Leaving America and seeking refugee status, today vs Vietnam days.
    • Dave talks about being nearly drafted into the war.
  • Selling weapons to the state.
  • “There are no moral choices in an environment of coercion.”  Stefan Molyneux.
  • Is it immoral to live in America and continue to pay taxes?
  • Would X have been invented if not for the government?
  • Will the market kill IP?


I want to give special thanks to Dave for joining us on the front side of the camera for this episode.  He was reluctant to participate in this way but it turned out that he brought great experiences to the roundtable that none of us had.  Thanks Dave.

Here is a Washington Post article about Kyle Lydell seeking refugee status in Canada as a black man persecuted by American Police.  It’s one of dozens of articles on the topic.  The one I read before doing the video included a line where Kyle said he hates America but I was unable to find that line in half a dozen articles I searched.

Slab City, a tiny place the state mostly leaves alone.  See also:  Living Without Laws: Slab City USA.

Freetown Christiania: A place filled with people who tried to be free but had many conflicts with the state.

Free to Choose is both a book written by Milton Friedman and a 10 hour PBS series discussing topics of the book.  ( I misspoke in the episode, when I said it was 20) I believe it aired in 1980.  Each episode is about half an hour of documentary style, where you are given a logic backed and empirical example of some part of the economy that can better be done without the coercive power of the government.  Then half an hour of debate with people who don’t get it.  You can tell that Milton is stressed by posing such radical views as he often laughs to comfort himself, while in debate that is basically him against everyone else.  The people are inquisitive though.  Overall, it’s a great series.  I like the documentary part best but it is good to see him handle the objections.  Milton was not an anarchist, he explicitly says so.  The reason he has to explicitly say so, is because he makes such an excellent case for anarchy that one might mistake him for an anarchist.  To get from his views to anarchy, one need only apply them consistently, as his son, David Friedman did.

The Tom Woods Show: Ep. 333 Could There Have Been an Internet Without the State?

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