What About Homeless People and “Public” Property in a Free Society: Anarchy Roundtable, Ep 14


  • The city of LA takes people’s tiny houses.
  • How do you mange property used by many people, or the public.
  • What is really wrong with the city of Detroit.


The city of LA steals people’s tiny homes  This brings up the topic of what to do with property that is used by the public.  How can any one person homestead a property that is regularly used by thousands of people?  How do you then manage communal property that has, effectively, 1000s of owners?  What about the immorality of imposing the consequences of your poverty on others?

We got to talking about fisheries in the post.  I knew that the Newfoundland cod fishery was once not centrally managed and it lasted through hundreds of years of commercial fishing that way.  Then government came in to manage the fishery and it collapsed.  There is a great lesson about managing communal property in the cod fishery collapse.  I found a free book on the topic, called:  Managed Annihilation: An Unnatural History of the Newfoundland Cod Collapse.  Below is its description.

The commercial cod fishery in Newfoundland and Labrador was once the most successful fishery in the world. When it collapsed in 1992 causing the largest single-day layoff in Canadian history and irrevocable ecological damage fishermen, scholars, and scientists pointed to failures in management such as uncontrolled harvesting as likely culprits.

Examining the history of commercial cod fisheries in the region from the mid-nineteenth century, Managed Annihilation makes the case that the very idea of natural resource management caused the death of the cod. The collapse occurred when the fisheries were ostensibly managed by the state, and the fishery has still not recovered nearly two decades later. Although the collapse raised doubts among policy-makers about their ability to understand, predict, and control nature, their ultimate goal of control through management has not wavered it has simply been transferred onto new targets.

Here is a link to the full video of Elinor Ostrom’s lecture on common pool resources.  She explains how she discovered that people can organize the management of a fishery or multi-user irrigation system, without the help of the state.

Crossing Alter rd: Contrasting Detroit with its Neighbor, Raw Footage.  This is the video of me crossing between the City of Detroit and Grosse Pointe Park.

The Law: The Classic Blueprint for a Just Society | by Frédéric Bastiat  The audio book on YouTube

The Campfire Freedom Tour with Adam Kokesh when he visited the Midwest Peace and Liberty Fest In Dalton Michigan (coming again this August)

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