Valve and The Walking Dead – Anarchy Roundtable: Episode 42

On today’s episode we begin the conversation about Valve. Valve is well known for several hit games such as Half-Life, Portal, Counter-Strike, and Team Fortress. Along with the big games that they have released over the years, they are also the creators of the online gaming service Steam.

The reason they are the topic of discussion is that they’re organizational structure is unique and something many anarchists have debated on whether or not hierarchy is allowed in anarchism. Most companies have a hierarchy of sorts, whereas Valve is considered to be completely flat. As Joe points out employees are completely free to move from team to team as they please and that there are no bosses, but there are however peer review systems in place so that employee performance is still maintained.

The second half for the discussion focuses on the infamous Negan in the show The Walking Dead and how his appearance has set the stage for a mini-state to have emerged out the chaotic times of the zombie apocalypse.

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