Two Anarchists in Giraffe Pajamas: Anarchy Roundtable Ep 7

In an episode dedicated to forming an anarchy community, we are getting ready for a New Year’s Eve Party.  Jason and Mary are here to talk about their anarchy experience and their travels to be with anarchists.  Guests begin to trickle in for the party and they are met with impromptu interviews about their discovery of anarchy and their travels to be with the anarchy community.

  • Non-Violent Communication.
  • Spreading Anarchy by Dating.
  • The Draw of the Anarchy Community

Here is a link to Marshall Rosenberg’s book on Non-Violent Communication (NVC) and the NVC website here.

See Mary’s Art Page here.  You can buy prints of her art or just enjoy viewing what she has.

Mary's Art
Mary’s Art Store

The Machinery of Freedom: Guide to Radical Capitalism.  This is a free PDF of the book by David Friedman, discussing the mechanics of an anarcho-capitalist society.  How would laws, courts, police, fire, etc. work in a free society.  How would the machinery of freedom work.

Machinery of freedom

Don’t have time to read the book?  Check out David Friedman talking about it on YouTube.

I asked mike to send me his favorite link for Mark Scott, This is what he sent over.  Curious minds want to know.

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