Story Time Managing Threats with Dale Brown pt 3 AR Ep 23


Part three of our talk takes on a different feel than the other parts.  We have different topics for you and more great stories.  Check out the topics below.

Stories with Dale

  • Dale tells stories illustrating the difference between law enforcement and threat management.  Cops will set let a robber keep robbing people to catch them doing it.  Dale will stop the robber from making the mistake of robbing people in the first place.
  • Several of Dale’s team got shot.  He decided to blame himself for all negative outcomes.  That drove him to change his methodology and end the shootings.
  • Dale had some really unfair racist stuff happen to his family when he was a child.  He tells a few stories to illustrate.
  • People like “sharing” (meaning taxation” when they don’t have anything to be taxed but not so much after they get money to be stole from them.  I don’t think Dale quite put it this way but he is a generous man who gives away his service to people who need it.
  • People hunted down entire towns of African Americans and destroy them.  They were called Black Hunts.
  • Kill Zones: Dale tells some Amazing stories about what happened in New Orleans during the Katrina aftermath.  You won’t want to miss this.
  •  Towards the end, we were 3 hours into the show.  Danny and I were trying to wrap up and Mike really wanted to keep talking.  Dale was game for as long as we would listen.
  • A different take on the George Zimmerman story.

We have to teach against this concept that life has so little value and that laws are more important than life.

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