Spread Anarchy – Anarchy Roundtable Episode 25


The whys and hows of going out into the world of regular people to spread anarchy and the results we get doing so.  What is effective?  What isn’t?

And welcome back to yet again another episode of Anarchy Roundtable. Today on episode 25 we discuss strategies on how to “Spread Anarchy”.

After a nice heart felt toast to freedom Joe begins the discussion by asking why anarchy should be spread which leads  Danny to ask Joe about his methodology and strategies on how to encourage people to become Anarcho-curious. Joe  explains that he will go into Facebook groups and throw down a meme like “Taxes are theft” initiating a controversy of sorts.  As Joes explains during these controversies there is general theme that libertarians and anarchists hate the poor. This leads into James discussing Rothbard and the differences between the conservatives and liberals in the definitional and historical sense – causing a mess and derailing the talk. Thanks James!

Joe reels it back in about the misconception of anarchists hating poor people and expands upon this by detailing how to appeal to the empathic side of the person arguing for the welfare state. Joe then mentions he will encourage the opposition to read Henry Hazllit’s – Economics in One Lesson (free download from FEE).

As the discussion moves to James and his strategy on how to spread anarchy he JOKINGLY says “killing cops”. To which the rest of the group cringes in dismay.

James makes a point that information bombing some one is not necessarily a good means to argue effectively. James and Mike get into a discussion of how Ayn Rand and other statists have contributed to the notion of liberty and freedom.

A little bit of a message of liberty.” – James

James continues with how he arrived at anarchism when he was asked in school “What is an ideal government”. And to that end James came to the rightful conclusion that there is no ideal government because they all rely on a monopoly of force. James like most people do not like being told what to do.

James then admits his statist aspirations. 😉

James continues with his methodology of growing the anarchist message by having a political platform with which to contradict the conventional wisdom of common voters. Finally, he concludes that really what is comes down it education of economics and liberty, little seeds of liberty.

Following James, Joe discusses how during a date (from a Meetup page) he labelled himself “Joe Voluntaryist” which got a female wondering what that meant. Joe goes on to describe Voluntaryism and Peaceful Parenting to her. Apparently, this did not appeal to the woman. James brings it back to the “pecking” of authority of questions.

As the conversation shifts over to Mike, he brings up his “Freedom Farming” FB group page as means to spread anarchy discussion by giving people “just the tip“. As Mike points out correctly taxation is a kinder gentler form of slavery.

Cheryl, police brutality victim and mutual friend of ours, is briefly mentioned and if you’re curious about that story Larken Rose had something to say about it.

Mike brings the conversation back to the method of information bombing and calls it ineffective when debating people  now in a world that has become rather politically correct  and SJW recently.

As the show winds down the discussion focuses on Danny. He brings up that perhaps information bombardment may not always work; paragraphs are not necessarily not a good idea. Danny mentions that humor may be an effective tool to reach people.

Behold, a wild triggered TrigglyPuff appears.

“Trolling SJWs with their own non-sense.” – James

As Danny continues to state that humor can be an effective means to break the ice or lower people’s guard in order to communicate a point or argument. Danny then discusses that PC language has been rather damaging to people at a psychological level – creating a society of pansies. He also discusses that working with generally white people who act overly sensitive to his skin tone comes off as patronizing at times.

Danny develes further into the racial aspect where he makes the argument “I am a product of rape“. This sparks a discussion of historical rape and colonization.

The topic of dehumanization of humans by comparing themselves to inferior relatives comes up and James expands on this by suggesting a song which has an interesting lyric “Don’t start nothing, won’t be nothing.” From there, the notion of government being a “necessary evil” is discussed (at this point in time James falls asleep on screen). Mike and Danny make the argument that resources and cost analysis are tools that people use on a daily day, only to finish off with the heat death of the universe.

Joe begins to close out the show with James by discussing how the general and local media favors the government agenda or benevolence.

Finally, concluding thoughts by each member.

“Empathize with your fellow man…” – Danny

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