Shooting Cops – Anarchy Roundtable Episode 32

On today’s episode we discuss the recent rise in police shootings that have taken place in the country.

Joe begins the introduction with an article he read on the Fifth Column titled “Cycle of Insurgency: Cops are being targeted, what’s next?“. The article as Joes reads discusses how insurgencies and insurrection are typical result result of government interfering in people’s lives.

In short the cycle begins with pamphlets that are distributed to the public, but now as more recent because of the internet people are now sharing their stories of interactions with police and their thoughts on government without having to resort to printing pamphlets. In this stage the pamphlets are usually ideas and questions that challenge government behavior or even its existence.

After pamphlets are distributed people who buy into the challenging thoughts on government power will tend to hold reactive protests, voicing their opinions with picket signs and on occasion blocking highways.

When government ignores or minimizes these reactive protests then the public becomes dissatisfied with the government response and will start taking to the streets, rioting, breaking private property, breaking into businesses, burning down government buildings. This situation tends to arise from the government doing something offensive to the general public or a group of people who feel mistreated by governing bodies.

Stage four is when there is a heavy handed government crackdown on instigators usually involving militarized police or military. This usually involves curtailing or infringing upon civilians’ natural rights. But this only fans the flames of rebellion from those who are angry or frustrated with government interfering in their personal lives in a very visceral way.

Finally stage five. During the crackdown, something happens typically a tragedy of some sort that gets the masses’ attention and this leads to the civilian population openly rebelling against the government. From here there are two ways out. Government collapses and there is usurpation or the government is able to destroy the rebellion.

As the discussion continues Danny points out that this is a pattern very similar to escalation within the black market.

1. A crime is committed and the police are unable to stop or capture the criminals for whatever reason.
2. The police ask for more hardware and tech and financing to prevent this from happening again.
3. A crime is committed but this time the criminals are unable to get away.
4. Other criminals notice this and decide to purchase more hardware and tech to better escape capture.
5. A crime is committed by these better criminals and they are able to get away.
6. The police ask for more hardware and tech and financing to prevent this from happening again.

So as one can see this escalation process is similar to the insurgency process. The government keeps interfering more and more and the community or criminals respond with more and more hostility and violence. We call this is a positive feedback loop.

As they say, “violence begets violence“.

As Danny continues the discussion he brings up how cops seemingly in general have different attitudes towards black people vs white people for similar or identical behavior. The following video is only a small sample and not necessarily reflecting that this notion is already a fact, only that this does seem to happen a lot.

Danny speaks further about how he himself, along with fellow minorities, tend to feel a bit more likely harassed by police. This discussion leads into the gentrification aspect that is going on in a bankrupt Detroit recently. Mike brings back the discussion to how in the past he was cop sucker and felt that cops were in the right, but he has since changed his mind.

Joe continues down this path, with Mike making clear WE DO NOT CONDONE SHOOTING POLICE, that police could be seen as an invasion force becoming in a whole issue on the morality of police. Danny brings up that people are taught that government is necessary and we are taught not critically analyze the very notion of beard.

The conversation moves back to escalation and insurgency and gun purchasing. As Johnny points out that in his outings to buying weapons and bullets that there has been a big jump on gun purchases since Obama took office and fear of gun grab from a Hillary Clinton win in 2016. Danny brings up the government tech weaponry being applied to a heavily armed insurrection. Joe and Mike counter with the idea that balance of force applied and that asymmetrical warfare (insurgency) is very good at taking down leviathan like forces.

Joe asserts that is possible it may be possible that the US govt implosion could go without a shot fired. The conversation takes a turn to the alternative media. Which is a good thing because people are taking a more active role in discovering the true and ugly nature of the world. It is arguable that Youtube and Facebook have been essentially in creating skepticism in authority structure. This discussion continues into dank memes have an educational effect as well.

As Mike continues the discussion back to guns and gun laws he makes the assertion that recent gun laws in the U.S. are nearly identical to Nazi gun laws. Johnny and Joe build upon this by discussing the gun laws from from the roaring 20’s and ATFE.

This leads into a discussion on government jobs programs instituted during the great depression and how public education system indoctrinates children into believing how government is the creator of jobs. Danny brings up Liberty Under Attack radio (a show he is also involved in) and if it is ethically viable to work for the government as an anarchist.

Back to shooting cops and how to deal with cop sympathizers Joe brings up the Irish leaving the UK and it how the Irish independence set itself up for another government. Joe articulates that there is a means to to throw off the state and that we can learn from past revolts. Mike brings up the notion that maybe if everyone is armed or had nukes that it would be unlikely that a state could continue to exist – You and the Atomic Bomb. Joe brings it back to how it relates to the cycle of insurgency.

Finally, the show concludes with Jim Fulner and his daughter making a cameo and beard off.

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Yes we were tanked. 😉

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