Sex Robots, Election Violence, and Off-Grid Agorist Life, Johnny Rotone: Anarchy Roundtable Ep 19

Johnny takes us through a description of his unusual lifestyle with a low state support footprint.  He lives in an off-grid cabin, in the woods and participants in tax avoidance.  We debate the speed at which robots and AI are going to take over much of the economy and how people will gain access to the wealth they create, if they don’t have jobs.  Oh and of course Sex Robots.  This is all great but what if it just gives the government access to more wealth and income to steal, slowing it’s decent into the abyss what we all look forward to?  The election violence is motivated by the political violence that an election is.  This reminds Danny about our Uber driver getting a ticket.  Taxation is slavery.




Picture of Harbor Freight Solar System
Harbor Freight Solar System

The Harbor Freight solar system comes with everything you need to charge 12v batteries and two 12v. lights.  All you need are 12v batteries, preferably deep cycle batteries, and an inverter to make the system run AC powered household appliances.  It’s really quite simple.


Robot Waitress 1.
Robot Waitress 2.
Robot Waitress 3.
Robot pole Pounding Backhoe.
Sex Robots of the Future.
Living Sexy Robot
Cataloging our Progress on Cafe Hayek.  There are several articles listed in this search page I have linked to here.
What if We Got Angry Every Time and Not Just At the Random Times. A strange thing happens when we get mad at finds but are mellow in the face of much more costly taxation.
The Theft That Surrounds You – The art of not being Governed. An article describing different ways taxation is theft.


What if we got angry every time and not just at the random times?

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