Platitudes, Rhetoric, Economy – Anarchy Roundtable: Episode 34

Welcome to another show of Anarchy Roundtable. Today we are discussing platitudes, rhetoric, and the economy.

Joe and Mike start off the show with a newspaper article titled “Trump will put America first”. As Joe asks “What does that even mean?” and this can be compared to Bush’s “a thousand points of light” speech. Jacques takes communication, rhetoric, is often an effective and useful tactic to spread a message to get people inspired or motivated. Joe makes a point “every person put their own value” which is why rhetoric and platitudes are effective forms of communication, but Danny is quick to dismiss this as “trite sayings” as per the definition of platitude.

The topic begins to moreover a bit into the realm of politics with Hillary becoming the main source of discussion. Danny brings up the recent news of the FBI and DOJ openly admitting that criminal charges will no longer be pursued for Hillary Clinton’s recent illegal email activity. It has been made pretty clear that Hillary Clinton is guilty as sin, but because of the current election cycle the Democratic party “need” a presidential candidate to race against Trump.

As Danny continues to drill in about this, he laments that it has become so utterly explicit that government is abusing it’s powers and openly violating its own laws. As Jacques points out is that “perceived rule of law” is breaking down, which could be beneficial for the libertarian movement. Danny discussion that the “illusion” is breaking down and is confused by how normal people are still failing to understand that none of this necessary and in fact just plain damaging.

Danny reals it back in to the common platitude like question by statists “who will build the roads?“. Jacques leads the discussion how taxes are direct theft and Joe describes why taxes are actually theft.

Jacques makes some interesting points in how the average man perceives taxes as 1. “Socially equitable” and 2. “Necessary”. Which in a sense he is correct, the common citizen does believe this of taxation. Following this he discusses the idea that may be what gets people curious about “Taxes are theft” meme is not such much the idea, but the brash and direct language.

Mike misquotes Bush Sr. “A kinder, gentler nation” whatever the hell that means.

The discussion moves toward taxation, government spending, government fees, and manipulation. Danny then discusses how at his job he had to regularly interact with the government and how the company is perpetually screwed by the government. This leads into how the weaken the government by charging it exuberant prices and Danny refutes this by referring to the notion that government can never be drained. This becomes a drawn out discussion on whether the Fed can or cannot print indefinitely and how hyperinflation still has not occurred despite Libertarians have making this hyperinflation argument for several decades.

Joe finally takes the reigns and describes in detail how the Fed actually creates money. This leads to a rather long discussion on Bitcoin, acceptance of US currency, velocity of money, hyperinflation, and the petrodollar.

Finally, we move back to platitudes, rhetoric, and “a thousand point of light” where Jacques more or less brings the show to an end with a suggestion and discussion that maybe the Libertarian movement could use more rhetoric, platitudes, music, and inspirational phrases.

Finally – POOP

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