Pit Kittens and Conspiracy –Katie Joins The Show AR Ep 39

Armpit hair is taking the world by storm.  It seems to be popular inside the anarchy movement but it also has been trendy outside.  We discuss why that might be and our thoughts on it.

Katie is very much an advocate for conspiracy theories and she wanted to come on the show to discuss some.  Many of them are true.  Of course conversations on this can go on forever because many.  We discuss some of the popular theories, such as those for 9/11, Chemtrails, and Flat Earth.  What about the faith people have in their pet theories?  We debate the merits of a few theories but we all has a great distrust for the government.

Of course these are just the topic seeds to a wide discussion of all topics–freedom.




A Brief History Of How People Got Duped By The Vaccine-Autism Myth


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