Permaculture: Anarchy Roundtable Episode 29

Today we join Joe, Jamin, and Karen on a tour of their permaculture farm in the glorious police state of Pennsylvania. Throughout this episode Joe asks Jamin and Karen various questions about food and how to farm and the couple discuss the finer more technical aspects of permaculture and tips and tricks that may be useful for your own permaculture activities. Now if you are interested in the technical details of permaculture then we highly recommend watching the whole thing. Also the great thing about the rabbit at the beginning is that its cage has been open the entire time but it refuses to run free, we wonder what other supposedly “intelligent” animal does this as well? 😉

By the way if you watch the whole thing, we apologize for the constant cutting out of video. The problem, as Joe succinctly points out, is that there is a trade tariff on picture cameras vs videocameras that are imported to the United Socialist States of America. Also we apologize for the wind noise, that is mostly Joe’s fault. 😛

If you are pressed for time and want to hear a more brief discussion then jump to the 45 minute mark and stop around the 54 minute mark to hear Jamin and Karen discuss the motivations for permaculture and agorist lifestyle. But again we recommend that you watch the whole video so you to can learn how to be self sufficient.

That said there is a small surprise at the end as Elle and Zeke join Joe, Jamin, and Karen in a small celebration of Freedom with Jamin’s own Elderberry wine!

Thanks for watching and if you would like to learn more about permaculture let us know and we may be able to get you in touch with Jamin and Karen! 🙂

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