Muslim Anarchy and The Campaign Trail Pt 1 AR Ep 27


Will Coley is running for vice president of the Libertarian party, at the recording of this episode.  Due to our Lead time, this didn’t get out before the convention but it’s a great talk, just the same.  Much of it is not about the race.

We had a lot out noise in the recording, which I removed but it left the audio sounding a little like it was recorded at a low bit rate.  We are still clear and easy to understand though.

00:00  What episode is this?

01:18  Redneck Muslim is running for vice president of the Libertarian Party.  Why and what does that mean?

02:19 Some Libertarians just want a Longer Leash.  Bob Barr, for example.

05:40 Spreading the controversy of anarchy through campaigning?  What is the end goal of this campaign?

06:38 Donald and Hillary are the same, even friends.

10:30 Sending politicians to jail.

12:10  Will opens Danny’s package, he got in the mail.

14:10  Is Will running as an anarchist?

15:39  How would states react to the existence of a place that is anarchist? –Liberland?

18:21 What do voluntary taxes mean?

20:35 Phone companies changing the terms of the contract and the oligopoly of phone companies.

23:25  What would Will do if he ACTUALLY became vice president?

27:36  What if Will has to vote in a tie breaker as VP?

31:32  Can you end the state through a process of shrinking it?

33:25  Danny’s upbringing and being anti-gay in the past.  Does exposure help?  Will has an answer, in his own life.

38:20  Danny elaborates on his religious upbringing and his views on religion.

43:05  The differences among us and getting along.

46:35  Danny’s triggered.  What is his safe space?

50:45  Three different stories of creation.





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