Legally Peaceful: Anarchy Roundtable Ep 18


Today on Anarchy Roundtable Episode 18 we discuss the values, techniques, and some misconceptions of peaceful parenting with Katie and David.

As the discussion begins we start off with how parents in general tend to express an authoritarian type of mentality. However, as Joe points out very clearly watching parents discipline their young can be a rather uncomfortable moment, but as he mentions it is promising to see peaceful parenting efforts advance despite an authoritarian world.

As Mike begins to take over the discussion he alludes to a prototype of version of peaceful parenting, if you will, that he experimented with, something he developed on his own; organic as oppose to authoritarian.

Now Katie makes a point that she is learning and trying to use peaceful parenting methodology and she further discusses how children needs should also be considered when family events are concerned. She goes on to further explain how peaceful parenting does not mean being submissive to children – boundaries are critical.

Mike brings the conversation back to the concept to treat kids equally but also his experience in using the tough love method and hinting at also experiencing it. He also discusses the idea of tough love and how it may interface with peaceful parenting.

Katie makes the point of being supportive and loving and also to avoid enablement. Danny then questions of the motivation of peaceful parenting lending itself to coddling and sheltering. The conversation cycles back to Katie on conditional parenting and how to handle sibling rivalry, and how to empathize with children infighting.

As the conservation progresses Katie and Mike begin to circle around the topic of pyschotherapy in which Katie mentions Dr. Gabor Mate’ and his works ( regarding addiction and meaningful relationships.

Cocaine! It’s a hell of drug! But also how it is reflective of human behavior at times.

Now on to homeschooling but more specifically Unschoolinng made famous by Dayna Martin ( This bleeds into the notion of how to teach reading and what methodologies might be effective. Maybe teh games of vidya? And faith?

A brief snipe at Stefan Molyneux and how to teach your toddler to drive your car.

Then Katie finally introduces NVC and we close out with MPLC Fest 2016. – MPLC Fest 2016 group page!!!!

Join us fgts for the fest and stop watching your shitty European porn. Murica!

We hope to meet you at the fest!

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