Is the Government The Enemy? Anarchy Roundtable, Ep 12


While recording Ep 5 of the show, Mike’s Neighbor Mark, who is not an anarchist, dropped by.  Although he is not an anarchist, like many people in America, he sees that there is something wrong.  These are the kinds of people we can reach out to, in order to spread the message of freedom.  Some people are going to be lost and too difficult to reach with any level of efficiency.  Once people see there is something wrong with the state, they seek answers and as anarchists, we can provide food for thoughts they may have never had before–at least no explicitly.  According to a pew poll, 27% of American Voters see the government as an enemy.  That means we have a lot of ripe requiting grounds to find people who love and want freedom.  What you are about to see and/or hear, is a discussion with Mark about this topic and more.  If you remember, Ep 5 was a bit crazy at times but eventually James and Rich pass out, thanks to Rich for pulling James off set, and we get down to some serious discussion.

A CBS News article reporting on the Pew Poll, saying that 27% of voters see the government as an enemy.

Without a ruler  Get your anarchy gear from without a ruler.  Their web page is under construction as I post this, so this is a link to their facebook page.  There is a link to their web page on their facebook page, if you are watching this later and want to check it out.

It’s funny, I talked up the show notes but the ones for this episode are a little thin.

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