Government lead in our water: Anarchy Roadtable Ep 17


A daily dose of lead in our water does a body good.

Welcome to Anarchy Round Truck… road trip!!!!!!!!

So we begin the Anarchy Round Truck with a discussion on Bernie and his supporters. Leading into a discussion of lack of knowledge of economics within leftists and claims that the employer is somehow stealing from the employees. We discuss tactics on how to have a civil discussion and maybe challenge their ideology.

Moreover Danny begins to talk about the lack of empathy the leftist tend to hold for business owners and business managers who generally speaking tend to be held more liable in the legal system for any mistakes in operating the business and can face not only company failure but also be sent to jail. Mind you this is not always the case for example the bank bailouts are a prime example of business managers who made mistakes and got away with it – General Motors penalized for killer ignition switches not so much. However, we have to consider that businesses are also interested in using the violence of the state (we call this lobbying) to further advance their own survival and avoid liability and the Fed and Federal Government heavily favor banks.

We then retreat back to the slave labor concept. We have to consider from an economics standpoint if there were no employment how would people survive and also prosper? Not many people want to slave away everyday on a farm for hours and days on end making a subsistence living. Is it impossible to think that maybe the poor Chinese man working on a farm is thinking about how nice it would be able to have a laundry machine that handles his clothes while he works the farm? The only way this can be achieved this peacefully is if the same Chinese man can earn enough money to have someone else build it for him or build it on his own. We cannot know his situation financially or how much time he can spend building one, so this is where trade may benefit him.

As Joe mentions during the discussion it would be helpful if leftists would take the time to read an economics book rather than just make assertions that crony capitalism is representative of free market capitalism. There are superficial similarities, but the mechanics tend to differ.

Free PDF of Economics in One Lesson:

Getting into the Detroit aspect and back to Bernie, we discuss the problem of people assuming that we as anarchists are considered left or right when it comes to general politics and as such we in a sense create distrust because we disagree off the bat with people who still caught up in left – right paradigm. The more critical issue is that people get caught up emotionally in the left vs. right and never bother to really research the true meaning of liberty or socialism which are really what people should be more concerned about from a philosophical point.

This leads the discussion of taxation and how government really operates in terms of law enforcement. Government points a gun to your head and demands either money or obedience. Yes they do, don’t dispute it.
Wikipedia Articles on Taxation and Privatization of Govt Services (roads, courts, police, etc):

Of course “Just the Tip” to question your beliefs!

Of course we get into slavery and specifically how taxation is not only theft, but also slavery.

Another Wiki article for your entertainment:

For a while we discuss the history of slavery based on the information we attained from the Dangerous History Podcasts:

More on the topic of slavery and Oreo people:

As we proceed past the slavery stuff, we move into the discussion of the state using media to divide people into classes and what not, thus creating resentment among various groups, which quells an uprising against the state. You see it now with SJWS and liberals in general, the shaming behavior/safe spaces, etc. But the conservatives do it as well with the non-Christians and the gays. Die Cis Black Gay Lives Matter Scum!

The truth is that the state and state advocators and state employees and the state beneficiaries (Fox News, CNN, etc) want to maintain the divisions and avoid discovering and telling the truth: the state is the problem.

Of course the race discussion bleeds into Detroit, Michigan and more critically Flint and its government water.
But Alabama like Flint also has this problem:

But more interestingly, the fear the leftist have about a monopoly providing shitty services have come true. The government, being a monopoly, has poisoned many people with lead.

Danny then continues into a rant about the failure of government to fix the issue immediately. He alludes to under a free society a private company would likely move very quickly to address the issue as there wouldn’t be a bunch of licenses or permissions and court battles from some governing agencies. Also because of market pressures the company, not wanting to lose clients to other competitors, would be pressured to clean up its act fast. Where as government doesn’t need to, its the 800 lb. gorilla in the cage with you. Good luck.
CORRECTION: Danny admits to providing incorrect information, but at the time of recording he was not aware. Snopes corrected him on the aspect of the govt using CPS to force people to pay their poisoned waters.
Finally we close out with Joe dating brown women with fish fetishes, Danny’s intentions to bang a Chicago chick, and Mike’s worthless comments.

Also info pertaining to the Shedd Aquarium, which Joe dragged our asses too in a wasteful Saturday.
Shane of LUA also joined the trip after this recording.
Thanks Obama.

Thanks for listening everyone

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And yes it was a blast of a weekend. 🙂

Also Taxes ARE Theft.

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