Give up dat Asset, bitch – Anarchy Roundtable: Episode 20




Today on Anarchy Roundtable Episode 20 we discuss several topics; mainly asset forfeiture. We begin with a shot of Don Julio tequila, which Mike highly recommends. Johnny joins us again and will likely join us for the Midwest Peace and Liberty Fest (Aug 26-29) – or – We hope you attend if you are anarchy/liberty/freedom curious.

As an aside, if you’re curious about or want to expand the Liberty/Voluntaryist movement please feel free to contact us and we can arrange add you to Freedom Talk Media. Also if you are interested being on the show, please contact us.

So the beginning topic is Panama papers and Tina Turner, if you’ve not heard, here’s the wiki for the thorough overview:

The show then changes gears to discuss democide, aka “death by government”. 200 million strong since 1900! W00t! Fuck yeah! Fuck other people’s lives!

Joe brings up the notion of seeking ways to avoid taxation relating back to Tina Turner and other tax avoiders, but it is explicitly stated FIND ADVISORS TO HELP WITH THIS if you are curious about maybe avoiding taxes.

Danny brings up an interesting question to pose others when introducing anarchical topics: As a citizen does anyone ever feel safe when a cop is following you? Maybe it’s because cops act in a predatory fashion particularly when patrol highways. Almost like how bears target fish swimming upstream.

Mike shifts the conversation into how contracts are set up and Danny disputes this as it is the self responsibility of the contracting party to read contracts. This is a topical issue in the current culture and as Danny points our contracts are very intense because of how the court system works. As discussed in this following wiki article: specifically “Criticism” section.

This discussion continues into how government will use loose language to avoid being contractually or legally nailed down. But this “don’t nail me down, bro” behavior also appears in arguments with people who support the state. Moreover, even the Federal Reserve will also use this type of behavior (Fedspeak) to further advance their arguments or beliefs.

Joe continues this point that sophisticated language is very seductive, even though the story or information is actually pretty dumb, particularly in the context of Romeo and Juliet. Johnny brings it back that the state, again will use vague language to get what they want.

Shifting gears to the game of “Monopoly” which Mike correctly points out actually developed by a socialist woman. and the conversation takes a humorous tone about vague ideas about an SJW/Feminist/Socialist version of Monopoly board game.

As this show progresses we talk a bit about words associated with freedom and anarchy and how to salvage the former. This brings up the notion of terrorism and how the U.S. government has done a good job of creating terrorism very openly, specifically ISIS. Name drop for Anarchcast!

Joe then takes us back to the main course. Asset Forfeiture. Getting robbed by the police. Who wudda thunk? – and for a more amusing but just as serious tone John Oliver has a great show about this –

Danny makes the point that state controlled and subsidized services like the meter reader is in effect a state employee and without warrant can enter private property but now smart meters have some very detailed monitors that can be used to spy on individuals. Going back to asset forfeiture… it’s clearly demonstrated this highway robbery is being used to fund government purchases like popcorn makers or slushy machines. This bleeds into how tax money which is also stolen is wasted by politicians on bullshit programs like campaigns or supporting people who make poor decisions like bailing out banks or welfare moochers. TAXES ARE THEFT. The conversation moves into how people should actually be morally offended by the notion of taxes and other the schemes government manufactures to steal money from the common man.

The conversation moves forward to the notion of Castle doctrine. and how people have basically acquiesced to government power and Danny completely and humorously derails the entire conversation only to correct himself and discuss the how language of recent political discourse has even heavily emphasizing security and playing to the insecurities and fears the general population. Joe expands upon this by bringing up the book “State of Fear”. Danny follows Joe by discussing two movies “Enemy of the State” and “V for Vendetta”. and

Finally the show concludes with recent public protests occurring in Iceland in response to the Panama Papers.

Thanks for watching! Thanks Wes for the Music! for more music from Wes!

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