The Final Solution – Anarchy Roundtable: Episode 43

Today on Anarchy Roundtable we continue the discussion of The Walking Dead’s Negan who has become a prominent antagonist on the show and has developed a city state in which Rick and Carl and the rest of the group find themselves ruled over by. This leads into a discussion of how anarchists and statists tend to debate and how states and governments tend to form – the belief of statism.

This leads to discussion on how to attain a critical mass of people to become anarchists to form a free society. As we continue on, the topic of “fake news” and censorship of news sources along with the mathematical challenges of turning people towards libertarianism.

We eventually get into the discussion of politicking – even at the lowest levels of individual relations. At some point we get into conspiracy theories and member berries and circumcision cornflakes.

Later on we get into regulation and bureaucracy and how it relates to government laws and rules.

Finally we finish off the show with the local Michigan nuclear boy scout, David Hahn and recreational nukes.

Thanks for watching and remember… government is not your friend.

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