The Church of the Invisible Hand – Paying Taxes is Sinful: Anarchy Roundtable: Ep 6



Rich Paul blesses our show with his presence once again.  It’s a great talk about a variety of topics, including how law works, just getting to know Rich a bit and the Church of the Invisible hand.  I ask him about spreading the message of anarchy.

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Show Notes:

The Law is available in multiple forms on the Mises website and several other places on the web.

Stephan Kinsela on the Tom Woods Show talking about The State’s Corruption of Private Law

Free Talk Live: Radio you control.  Rich is a frequent participant

The Church of the Invisible Hand, wiki page.  May the visible boot of government kick not in thy door, nor they teeth, nor stomp upon thy face.  Ramen.

GVS (Google Voluntaryism Squad)  A facebook group page to get people to go over to articles and posts in mass to insert liberty into conversations.

Three Felonies a Day: How the Feds Target the Innocent.  This is a book about how the ever expansive and vague laws make it so everyone is walking around committing crimes, constantly and without their knowledge.

The Story of Your Enslavement is an excellent video by Stefan Molyneux from before he jumped the shark.

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