Kimberly Comes to Michian AR Ep 31



Kimberly Flew in from Vegas to hang out with us and be on the show.  We talk about the warm welcome the Michigan Anarchy community gives visitors and explore her path to Anarchy.  Like many of us, Kimberly was not always an anarchist.  She even once celebrated a presidential win, but something happened and her thoughts changed.  I like these stories because it reminds us that, even though many people resist the clear logic of anarchy, many people see it and many people go from statist to anarchist.

 A book on Rational ignorance.  The Myth of the Rational Voter: Why Democracies Choose Bad Policies 

I just want to give a shoutout right now to all my dedicated quiet LURKERS.
Not the ones who lurk me for photos, the ones who lurk all the threads, and are ever-watching, ever thoughtful, and pondering.

Remember, those of you who get discouraged by your interactions with others online because others seem obtuse, dense, or unwilling to be open, remember that those who even ENGAGE in discussion online are representative of a TINY minority of most people, who don’t dare engage in these discussions.

And why do many lurkers often not engage?
I know, because I was LURKER most my life in the internet world.

And I did not engage because I did not feel secure in what I felt or believed. I would feel “butthurt” by things people said, because of my programming, but I could not articulate any defense for it, and I knew that.

A lot of people out there are quiet. MOST are quiet, and watchful. They’ve been trained to avoid areas of discussion that matter most. Trained to think it’s taboo or a waste of time. They can’t articulate fully what they really believe and why.

It was my LURKING of people who were further along in their intellectual journey, who were engaging, that lead me to discover the truth, and helped me find my voice to speak it.

ALWAYS communicate. Talk. Engage.
Because online, SOMEONE is watching—-Amanda Rachwitz

Libertarian Train

Anarchists, Minarchists, and Libertarians (ALM)

Fixing the problem of centralization in social media.

The power of the purse and how it uses dependency to control people and organizations.

The emergence of the gig economy and other ways for very young people to gain skills to be independent before they could be, in the state controlled go to school, till you are 25 years old, system.  Contrast this with the problem with our current college education system.


he Power of You With the Power of 2  How we can achieve anarchy in our lifetimes, by the numbers.

The Brexit video was published before this video because the Brexit vote happened before we could publish this video and we wanted to get the Bexit video out.  It was Episode 28.


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