Threat Management Centers – Dale Brown Pt. 1 AR Ep 21


We are super excited to have Dale Brown from Threat Management Centers, on the show today.   Dale has a purpose and that is keeping people safe.  He has learned the hard way, how to come to a great philosophy, towards keeping people safe from threats.  He’s not focused on punishing people, he’s focused on preventing crime from happening in the first place.  He talks about his process and how he learned it.   We also touched on the topics of slavery and history.  Dale gave us a long talk, that we are probably going to break into 3 Episodes.  He had a lot to say and a lot of experience to draw from.

we create conditions for there not to be violent adversarial interactions.  Criminal actions lead to adversarial responses, so we create conditions where things do not happen.  Police respond to situations that have already happened.  They are a response based organization.  There job is to create arrests from laws that were broken, based on what they select and elect to do, based on the officer’s feelings in that moment in time.  This is not related to that at all.  It’s very disrespectful to me when people say you are private police because we don’t do that.  We don’t police people.

If someone is drunk or high in the street and they are dancing around, we will go over there and talk to them.  We aren’t going to tell them to get out of the street.  We’re going to explain to them that it’s not safe for them to be drunk and high in the street.  It’d better and safer to be on the side of the road, so you don’t get hit by cars.


” If I killed everyone I that I legally could killed, I would have killed over 100 people.”


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