Democracy, Subversion, and True Anarchism – Anarchy Roundtable: Episode 45

Today on Anarchy Roundtable we celebrate the holidays, except Danny who expresses a “bah humbug” attitude. The first topic of the day is about how North Carolina has demonstrated itself to be the worst state in practicing democracy. It’s so bad at democracy that it falls inline more with dictatorships than actual democracies or republics. This discussion leads itself into how to convert statists to the freedom movement. Joe brings up how the liberty movement is growing exponentially and how libertarianism is gaining ground but Danny also argues that the rise in popularity of libertarianism is also leading to fractures within the community and how the unification of anarchists from all schools are unable to organize in any fashion that is meaningful. During the show we also get into guns and talk a bit about open borders vs. closed borders and practical anarchism vs abstract anarchism.

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Happy Holidays faggots!

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