Daniel Quillinan’s Tour De Anachy: AR Ep 33


Starting in Berkeley California, Daniel drove to the northwest, the northeast, the Midwest and was headed to Florida, when he left us.  Along the way, he visited with various anarchists, went to Porcfest and earned money by reselling goods from thrift stores and pawn shops.  As Daniel tells his story of his travels, his memory triggers many anecdotes and anarchy topics.  For example, we talk about the make up of the Free State Project, vs the MPLC membership.  This leads to a discussion of the various flags of anarchy.  Then we get back to Daniel’s journey.

We were Joined by Jim and his young daughter Zebedee, who were great fun to have at the table.  Both brought us laughs and good times, as we asked Daniel about his trip.

Mike: I have to interrupt you.

Johnny: Why?

Mike: I just have to interrupt you.


Daniel: It’s traditional.

Johnny: He’s got a tick.

Mike: That’s my thing on the show.

Daniel: It’s the Tourettes.

Danny: He used to wear a helmet as a kid.

Daniel in his kilt

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