A Dangerous History Discussion with CJ. MPLFest AR EP 36


We are at The Midwest Peace and Liberty Fest and CJ from The Dangerous History Podcast has joined for a discussion of him, his show, and history.  We try a bit of a fumbling start by polling the audience for a topic seed but, stick around, things get going quite well, after that.  We’ve never had such an audience before, so it was something new to try.

We have discussions on SJWs, Mission creep, and why is it that we all know of the War of the Roses?


A renegade history of the United States. 

At some point during the podcast, Joe gets up and disappears behind the camera.  What is happening is, there is a butane stove with a dutch oven with a chuck roast in it, that went out.  This was a totally awesome learning experience, that was written about on rationalpreparedness.com.  The article even includes this moment.

Joe mentioned doing a YouTube video about cops pulling people over and taking someone into custody.  Above is that video.  It was shot in 2012.  I wasn’t quite an anarchist at that point, but you can tell that I was on my way.

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