Dale Brown Threat Management Pt. 2 AR Ep. 22


Join us for part two of this conversation with Dale.  We have some more discussion of race/racism history and more fun stories of how ineffective cops are at keeping people safe.  Threat management does things that no other company or government organization does.  It deescalates situations that could be violent but turn out not to be, putting their own lives on the line.  In the process, they save the lives of those they could kill because they are threatened.

Getting fired for made up reasons.

The enforcement of laws and the protecting of people and property are not related

What they are doing is what they feel like doing.  Nobody controls them.  They are NOT controlled by anyone. That’s a show.  They are doing what they want to do.  They are men with guns…do you know who knows where that cop was who was out here?  Nobody knows where he was at.  He was where he wanted to be. He could be standing here talking to us for an hour.  He could be at home.  Nobody even knows where they are in most jurisdictions…Federal agents are even worse…They are literally driving around, bored as shit, all day.

Please don’t ever think of police officers as conspiring some grand conspiracy; because honestly, a lot of them cant spell conspiracy.

What happens when someone spits beer on Dale?

Anarchy is at work in Detroit and in rural America.


Machinery of freedom


Dale mentions operation paperclip.  It’s when the US government took horrible people from Germany and brought them to the US, often disguising their identity, because they were useful in some way.  CJ talks about it on his podcast, dedicating a whole episode to it here.  Ep. 0050: Accessory After the Fact: Operation Paperclip 

Who kills the most cops and in what part of the continent?

If I constantly harass you, you’re going to feel harassed.  That’s find as long as you are my enemy.  You can’t make an enemy of the people that feed you.

Our Enemy, The State_bookstore_20130102_0

After this quote, I thought this was worth putting in here

The reality is that the state is the enemy.  The state that survives and thrives, is the one that can best hide that fact.  The one that gets overthrown or collapses, is the one that is overt about this.  The state that becomes more actively violent is seen for what it is.  A state must use propaganda to subdue its people, to make it so they can’t see the criminal organization that it is.



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