Brexit & the Transformation of Stefan Molyneux AR Ep 28



Danny found this video of Stefan Molyneux talking about Brexit from a totally statist point of view.  That inspired us to also watch Brexit The Movie and that lead to the discussion you are about to see and or hear.  Stef’s video is called, “The Truth about Brexit | UK’s UE Referendum”

Is Stefan still an anarchist?

Takeaways From the Venezuela SHTF Event My article that uses the Stefan Molyneux video that I actually liked.

Can you vote for freedom?

Does decentralizing power help to make you free, if there is still a system of statism?

Switzerland, with a GDP per capita of if $84,000 per year, is doing well by staying out of the EU.

Like any show about anarchy, we moved on to an assortment of anarchy topics from here.

One production note: We went back to our original audio equipment for this video and I think it actually works better than the more complicated set up we were using for a lot of the episodes.  I’m really glad to have produced something that sounds pleasurable to hear.  Shout out to Jacob on this.

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