Anarchist Lawyer – Anarchy Round Table: Episode 38

Today we are joined by Randy England, an anarchist lawyer and author of the book “Free is beautiful”. He also runs a website

This is a special episode as it takes place at the Mid-West Peace and Liberty Fest 4 (2016).

We begin the show as is typical with shots, but we are joined in our copious drinking by fellow anarchists including the infamous Shane Radliff of Liberty Under Attack. Thanks guys!

As the show begins we start off with the topic of how Randy became an anarchist lawyer. Originally sworn in 26 years ago and having to renew every year he began to question the oath he originally had sworn to. Starting off as Reagan admirer because of Reagan’s supposed libertarian-esque ideas but still had difficulty computing what freedom actually is.

Graduating college in 1990 as lawyer he began his career as a prosecutor, which later only cultivate his path to libertarianism in that he discovered how much the justice system is actually a rigged system. He initially started off prosecuting drug related offenses and other victimless crimes but would eventually move into more serious offenses such as murder and theft. It should be noted Randy does express and feel constant regret for sending away people who committed victimless offenses.

From here Randy discusses how undercover police would spend enormous amounts of time and resources just to capture and jail a few people who were committing victimless crimes all to send a short-lived message to the nearby black market. After some time of this Randy began to be disillusioned and sought a way out of his role in prosecution and moved onto work as a criminal defense lawyer in 2007.

The discussion moves into plea bargains and the necessity of them within the legal system and how the mechanics of discovery work. Randy continues on with how plea bargaining is more often pursued than should be and how during his prosecutor days that he would try and avoid using plea bargaining.

Randy further discusses that despite being a libertarian that he is unable to push a libertarian agenda while operating in the court room. This leads to talk about sovereign citizens and their attempts to try dismiss the legitimacy of of the court system or laws.

As the show moves along the topic of Randy’s book “Free is Beautiful” which his attempt to reconcile catholicism and libertarianism – which is controversial because many libertarians are agnostic or atheistic.

Joe interrupts the discussion with an advertisement for some vendors at the fest for salsa and jam.

Danny then asks about the jury selection process and if it targets the dumb. Randy answers with how jury selection is done and how the process is designed to try and weed out prejudice people before trial.

Following Randy’s jury selection discussion an audience member inquires about jury nullification and its effectiveness – which is only applicable in criminal cases not civil courses. Following another question from the audience Randy states in a theoretical sense if jury nullification became a movement then it could be used as a means to rid ourselves of various laws.

The topic changes to how the language and imagery of the court system tends to lend itself to the notion of authority and people’s beliefs in it.

Finally, the show closes out with the merits of the sovereign citizen movement, legalese, and legal jargon, and how stateless law would still be necessary.

Thanks for watching and as always taxation is theft!

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