2016 Election and Musings – Anarchy Roundtable: Episode 47

Today on Anarchy Roundtable we begin the discussion with the recent celebritarian sexual dramas that has made the news recently. Following this Joe brings up the use of sexual attractiveness in human relationships. The discussion moves onto breeding, breeding, and borders. Joe brings it back to slavery and how that affected the racial melting pot that the US has become.

Later we move on to the political parties and the “differences” between them and how the government has been leaning increasingly left and becoming more and more communistic over the decades. This leads to discussion of the 2016 election and the recent hysteria surrounding it; we make predictions on how things will get worse during this new presidency.

Changing gears we move into the “anarchy stories” of Katie, Chris, and Dustin and how to further expand anarchy into the hearts of others. Finally we finish off the show with discussion on intellectual property and the deterioration of the Libertarian party.

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